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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spotted: NEW Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palettes (Four Shades)

First the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara, and now new brow palettes? Yes! Many thanks to three lovely readers for the following sightings (all three readers spotted this new display at Target this week, by the way):

image credit: @mymonthlyobsessions for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Maybelline Brown Drama Pro Palettes - Four Shade Options
(retail: $10.99 each at Target)

Reader @mymonthlyobsessions on Instagram spotted this new display at her Target this week and kindly shared some pics with us.

Keep reading for lots of additional pics and info...

The e.l.f. Skincare Line Has Landed at Walmart

Until very recently, I think we all collectively looked to Target to get the newest e.l.f. products first (before any other mass retailer). But lately, as in REALLY recently, Walmart seems to be getting certain e.l.f. products before Target. For example, Walmart now carries the new-ish e.l.f. Essential Fan Brush, and I haven't seen that at Target yet (as of last week, my Target didn't have it).

And now, this:

image credit: @taraaroth for Nouveau Cheap
e.l.f. Skincare Collection at Walmart 
(retail: $5 - $12)

Thanks so much to longtime photo contributor Tara (@taraaroth on Instagram) for letting me know that she spotted the entire e.l.f. Skincare collection at her local Walmart this week. As far as I know, this line is not yet at Target (I just checked and it's not on the Target site as of the time of this post). Interesting, right?

I hope this is good news for those of you who were waiting until this line was in-store before trying it out! Hopefully this means it will be at Target soon as well.

For more info about the e.l.f. Skincare collection, CLICK HERE.

Thanks so much, Tara, for the fantastic sighting and pic!

Spotted: NEW Olay Active Botanicals Skincare with Snow Mushroom

I've been hearing some buzz about this new skincare line from Olay for a few weeks now, so I'm excited to let you know that it's now hitting stores!

Thanks so much to longtime photo-contributor Tara (@taraaroth on Instagram) for this one:

image credit: @taraaroth for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Olay Active Botanicals Skincare with Snow Mushroom
(retail: $5.99 - $14.99)

Tara spotted this new line at Target this week and was nice enough to share some pics with us.

Keep reading for more pics and info...

Spotted: NEW L'Oreal Voluminous Superstar Liquid Eyeliner

Last week I showed you the new L'Oreal Superstar Mascara (CLICK HERE if you missed that post), but did you know that there's also an eyeliner in this line? I sure didn't! Thanks to longtime photo-contributor Tara (@taraaroth on Instagram) for this one:

image credit: @taraaroth for Nouveau Cheap
NEW L'Oreal Voluminous Superstar Liquid Eyeliner in 202 Black
"Winged Liner Look"

Tara spotted this new eyeliner next to the Superstar Mascara at Target this week. This is a fine-point felt-tip liquid liner designed to give you a "winged liner look." After some digging, I discovered that, just like the mascara, this liner has been out in the UK for a few months. You can check out UK blogger Really Ree's review of it HERE

Have you spotted this liner (or the new mascara) in your area yet? Thoughts?

Thanks again, Tara, for the great sighting!

Spotted at Target: New Products by eos, Softlips, and ChapStick

I have a fun post today for my fellow bath & body product lovers! Thanks to two lovely readers, I have some brand new Target sightings for you:

image credit: @mizzzmakeup for Nouveau Cheap
NEW eos Body Lotions in Berry Blossom and Delicate Petals

First up, reader @mizzzmakeup on Instagram spotted these new eos body lotions at her local Target this week and kindly shared this pic. The packaging here is a big change from the original eos Hand & Body Lotions (click here for my review from back in 2011 if you want to see what the old style bottles looked like). And I think this new packaging is more in line with the eos lip balm spheres and the hand lotions, don't you? 

I don't know if this is a formula change as well as a packaging change, but I did notice that the old-style lotions are all out of stock on the eos website so, either way, it looks like these are going to take their place. As of the time of this post, these new body lotions are not yet on the Target website, but @mizzzmakeup confirmed that they were around $7-$8 each at her local Target.

Keep reading to see some new products from Softlips and ChapStick...

Spotted: NEW Revlon Fall 2015 The Fiery Temptress Collection

Continuing with my Fall 2015 coverage, today I'd like to share with you the new Revlon Fall 2015 collection, which I believe is only the second or third collection that Revlon has released since the exit of Gucci Westman (Revlon's new Global Artistic Director is Miquel Garcia Cotado, by the way).

Many thanks to longtime photo contributor @roguedarkholme on Instagram for the following pics of this collection, which she spotted at her local Bed Bath & Beyond recently (NOTE: this should be popping up at all the usual drugstores very soon as well).

image credit: @roguedarkholme for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Revlon Fall 2015 The Fiery Temptress Collection
(spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond)

It's important to note that this display does not say "limited edition," rather it clearly states in the upper right corner that these are "new shades." So it appears that these are all new additions to the permanent, core line (further proof of this is that Revlon usually does not assign numbers to their limited edition shades, and all of these new items have numbers, as you'll see below).

Keep reading for more pics and info...

Get the New Pür Minerals Cinderella Palette for $23.30 Shipped

Thanks so much to reader @rosamy13 on Instagram for this tip!

image source:
NEW Pür Minerals Cinderella Palette
(retail: $29)

The brand new Pür Minerals Cinderella Palette is now available on the Pür Minerals website ($29), and you can get it for $22.30 SHIPPED! Just use code Sample20 for 20% off + free ground shipping.

Thanks again, @rosamy13, for the awesome tip!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Swatches: New NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflés

As you may have heard, NYX is getting ready to release a new line of Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflés (I don't know the exact release date yet, but I'm guessing it will be very soon). Today I have swatches of this collection thanks to one of my longtime blogging buddies, Rebekkah at Everyday Makeup Blog. The moment I saw these on her Instagram, I asked if I could share. Take a look!

image credit: Rebekkah at Everyday Makeup Blog
New NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflés
(coming soon)

Keep reading for more swatches, shade names and more info...

Spotted: NEW Sinful Colors Halloween 2015 Dressed to Kill Collection

Halloween collections are officially starting to pop up at the drugstores (I have a few other Halloween posts coming your way tomorrow), and today I'd like to show you this brand spankin' new Sinful Colors collection that reader @daisy_nlulu_nails on Instagram just spotted at her local Target this week:

image credit: @daisy_nlulu_nails for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors Halloween 2015 Dressed to Kill Collection
($1.99 each at Target)

I'm not sure at this point if this is a Target-exclusive, but @daisy_nlulu_nails confirmed that there are two new shades here (the rest appear to be repromotes). The two new shades are:
  • Skele-Bration (glow-in-the-dark polish with skull glitter)
  • Go Batty (glow-in-the-dark polish with moon glitter)
And of course there are new nail stickers (skulls and spider webs). Fun, right? Have you spotted this collection at your local Target yet (or anywhere else)?

Thanks again, @daisy_nlulu_nails, for the great sighting and pics!

Now Available: NEW theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette

Have you heard about this new theBalm palette that contains ALL THREE Manizers (Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou)?  Thanks so much to reader Sasha for this tip:

NEW theBalm The Manizer Sisters Palette

Keep reading for all the details...


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