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Sunday, February 1, 2015

NEW Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mauve Over: Get Marsala-tized for $2.99!

I'm sure that most of us need only to look within our own nail polish stashes to find a Marsala-type shade. The Pantone 2015 Color of the Year is really just a brownish-mauve that, quite frankly, wasn't really in fashion in the world of nail polish...until this year. I have plenty of brownish-mauve cremes lurking deep in the drawers of my polish collection, and most haven't seen the light of day in years.

But dusting those old polishes off didn't seem quite as fun to me, so when I saw a Marsala-esque shade in the new-for-2015 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears at my local Rite Aid recently, that baby came straight home with me.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Mauve Over
New Permanent Shade
(retail: $2.99, 0.40 oz)

I realize that in some areas, and depending on the retailer, Xtreme Wears can retail for $4 or more, but I've seen them as low as $2.49 at Target, so I used $2.99 as the median price.

Keep reading for some swatches...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spotted at Walgreens: SOHO Beauty Disney Princess Brush & Sponge Collection

Not to be confused with the various Disney-themed makeup and accessory collections we've seen at Walgreens over the years (Jasmine, Ariel, Villains, etc.), did you know that there's a new, PERMANENT Disney-themed brush & sponge collection now popping up at Walgreens? Yep!

I spotted this new SOHO Beauty collection at Walgreens earlier this week (thanks to several of you for letting me know that you also spotted it at your Walgreens stores) and I snapped some pics to share with you. If you're a fan of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid, I think you're going to love these.

SOHO Beauty Disney Princess Brush & Sponge Collection at Walgreens
(retail: $9.99 - $14.99)

Keep reading for tons of pics (the detailing on these brushes is adorable)...

NEW Nyx Products Now up on Ulta Site (with a Sale + Coupon to Go with It!)

Thanks to reader @swatchalittle on Instagram for letting me know bright and early this morning that MANY of the new Nyx 2015 products are now on the Ulta site, and there's a sale (plus a coupon) to help you enable your haul save you some money!

Keep reading for more info and a breakdown of how to maximize your savings, but HURRY because today, 1/31, is the last day for the sale...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sneak Peek: NEW Nyx Blended Hair Makeup Brushes (Coming this June)

Just in case you don't follow Nyx on Instagram (if you're on Instagram you totally should, since they often post great sneak peeks of new collections and other fun pics), check this out:

image source: Nyx Instagram page
Coming June 2015: NEW Nyx Blended Hair Brushes

Sorry, you'll have to excuse us while we #breaktheinternet for a second. Because we are friends, we wanted you to see our new blended hair NYX brushes first. They'll be out June 2015. 
These are not to be confused with the existing Nyx makeup brushes (with the white handles). This is an entirely new collection!

Thoughts about these new brushes? Hopefully they'll be available at Ulta (and CVS, Target, etc.) this summer!

Breaking Beauty News: Bonne Bell is Going Out of Business

It is with such a sad heart that I bring you this news today, as it marks the true end of an era. But before you start clutching your Lip Smackers, there's a little light at the end of the tunnel...

Many thanks to @BeautyandBiz_Mon on Twitter for letting me know about this news. Here are a few excerpts from some news articles that sum up what's going on:

Bonne Bell has announced it is closing its manufacturing and distribution facility in Westlake and plans to lay off 91 employees.
Markwins International  announced Thursday it had bought Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker, the company's popular brand of lip glosses marketed to girls and young ladies.
Bonne Bell will change its name to the Bell Family Brands.
Bonne Bell still owns the Formula Ten-Oh-Six skin care brand, and Bonne Bell's distribution affiliate, Aspire Brands, will continue to distribute Lip Smackers in Europe, Australia and Asia.

The Bonne Bell Co. announced in a press release that California-based Markwins International Corp. has entered into an agreement to acquire Aspire Brands assets Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker.
"Markwins has a proven track record of creating excitement and bringing innovation to the cosmetic category," said Jess "Buddy" Bell, Jr., founder of Aspire Brands. "They will bring the same excitement and innovation to the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands. I am excited about the future of the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands under Markwins ownership."

So while it is extremely sad news to hear of people losing their jobs and having such an iconic brand close its doors, a new chapter is beginning as Markwins (owners of Wet n Wild, Physicians Formula, Black Radiance and The Color Workshop) will be taking the reigns. It sounds like Markwins will handle distribution in the US (and perhaps other countries) while Aspire will handle distribution in Europe, Australia and Asia.

What do you think of this news? Are you curious to see what will remain the same and what might change?

Thanks again, @BeautyandBiz_Mon, for the tip about this news.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: L.A. Girl Ultra Palette from the Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection

Doesn't it feel like it was so long ago that I blogged about the release of the new L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection? Can you believe that it was actually only this past October? I know, I know...time flies when you're buying makeup!

I received one of the Beauty Brick palettes for review a while ago and now that I've had time to give it a thorough testing, I'd like to share my thoughts with you. So let's get right into it!

Keep reading for my full review of the Ultra Palette...

Spotted: NEW Rite Aid Brand Clinique Dupes

Alright, so you know that I loved the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild dupe from Walmart, and that Walmart has other Clinique dupes as well. But did you know that Rite Aid now has some too? I sure didn't, but thanks to reader Regan, I do now! Check it out:

image credit: Regan for Nouveau Cheap
NEW Rite Aid Renewal Clinique Skincare Dupes 
(retail: $9.99 - $19.99)

Keep reading for more info...

Stila Eyes Are the Windows Shadow Palettes $34 Each + FREE SHIPPING

If you're like me and have been lovingly admiring the Stila Eyes Are the Window Shadow Palettes from afar due to the price ($49 each), well hopefully this might help! I was really hoping I'd be able to spot a nice deal on these soon and, lo and behold, I found one! Check it out:

Keep reading for all the details...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Exclusive Look Inside the Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Natural Beauty Essentials Set (Available for 24 HOURS Only at HSN)

I've had a secret that I've been wanting to share with you for a little while now, and today I can finally spill the beans! If you've been wanting the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, Better Than Sex Mascara, Shadow Insurance and/or a Lip Créme, I've got a fantastic one-day-only deal to share with you:

Beginning NOW (9PM Pacific on 1/28) and for the next 24 hours, you can get the brand new Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Natural Beauty Essentials Set (retail value: $103.71) plus a one-year subscription to Glamour Magazine for $49 + FREE SHIPPING, and it's also available on Flex-Pay (three payments of $16.33)! This means that you'll only have to pay $16.33 up front, and then you'll be billed again for $16.33 in February and March.

For a detailed look at what's inside this set (with swatches) keep reading! But don't wait too long if you want this one because, again, it's only availble for the next 24 hours...

Coming this Spring: New and Improved e.l.f. Essential Brushes

If you're an e.l.f. Essential brush fan (chances are if you're reading this, you probably own a few!), then you might be excited to hear that e.l.f. is releasing "new and improved" brushes in their $1 Essential line!

In case you don't follow e.l.f. on social media, here's a pic they just posted to their Instagram today:

image source: e.l.f. Instagram page
New and Improved e.l.f. Essential Brushes for Spring 2015

We've got #spring2015 on the brain today, so here's a sneak peek at some new arrivals. Look for our new and improved (vegan!) Essential Brushes coming this spring to #elfcosmetics #sneakpeek #comingsoon #brushes #makeupbrushes

Again, these are "new and improved" brushes from the Essential line. For example, it looks like the fan brush on the far left above is an improved version of the existing Essential Fan Brush, but I obviously can't confirm that yet.

Are you a fan of the Essential line? Are you excited to try these improved versions? Hopefully they'll pop up at Target soon!


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