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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sinful Colors Holiday 2014: Three New Shades

If you saw my post earlier today featuring the pic of the new Sinful Colors Holiday 2014 end-cap display that's now popping up at Walgreens, then you know that I was curious if there were other new holiday shades (aside from the two I blogged about here) in this display.

Well shortly after my post today, I stopped by Walgreens and they had the end-cap display (yay for finding it before the $0.99 sale was over!). So now I can personally confirm that there are THREE new holiday shades total and the rest of polishes in the display are repromotes from previous collections and the core line. There are the two I first showed you here named Twilight Twinkles and Galax-Sea (which you can also find at Rite Aid) and one new shade that is specific to the end-cap display at Walgreens, called Outta Space. I bought all three, so I thought you'd like to see some pics:

Sinful Colors Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Nail Colors
1495 Outta Space
1497 Twilight Twinkles and 1498 Galax-Sea
(available at Rite Aid and Walgreens)

Keep reading for close-up shots and more info...

Holiday 2014 Nail Polish Sightings from Sinful Colors, Bonita Colors and More

I've got a lot to cover in the post so let's get right to it!

First up, as predicted when I first posted about the Sinful Colors Holiday 2014 Collections that started to pop up in these individual counter displays a while back, there's a new holiday end-cap display now showing up at Walgreens (if you catch this today, 10/18, you can still take advantage of the $0.99 Sinful Colors sale that ends tonight at Walgreens).

Thanks to reader Rita for sharing this pic of the holiday display at Walgreens:

image credit: Rita for Nouveau Cheap
Sinful Colors Holiday 2014 Display at Walgreens
(retail: $1.99 each)

UPDATE: For info about what's new here and what's not (there is a new Walgreens-exclusive shade in this dipslay), CLICK HERE.

Keep reading for more new holiday polish sightings...

Friday, October 17, 2014

NEW L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection Now Available for Purchase

If you don't follow L.A. Girl on social media, you might not be aware of the frenzy these new Beauty Bricks have been causing in the online beauty community. Last week L.A. Girl posted some teasers of these new palettes, and I'm delighted to tell you that they're now available for purchase!

NEW L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection
Smoky, Ultra, Nudes and Neons
(retail: $9 each on the L.A. Girl website)

Keep reading for all the details, plus links to some swatches...

The Profusion $1 Palettes Are Back for Holiday 2014

Remember those great little $1 Profusion 5-pans that were available at Walgreens for Holiday 2013? These are an insanely good deal for $1 each and I once again want to thank longtime reader Kris Feral for alerting me the beauty of these palettes last year (Kris, you rock!).

So guess what? They're back for Holiday 2014! Many thanks to reader Meghan (@makeup_looks_and_reviews on Instagram) for letting me know that @sunflower04220 on Instagram posted a pic of the display, which she found at her local Walgreens this week. @sunflower04220 kindly let me share that pic with you here, so take a look!

NOTE: To see my review of the purple palette below, CLICK HERE for my swatches from last year.

image credit: @sunflower04220 for Nouveau Cheap
Profusion 5-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes
Back again at Walgreens for Holiday 2014
(retail: $1 each)

As you can see, these palettes contain the same shades as last year's. This may or may not be good news to you, but I for one am quite excited because I really want a backup of that purple palette (that lavender duochrome shade is worth the price of the entire palette, and you know I'm not even a big purple eyeshadow fan!).

I know that several of you on Instagram mentioned that you have access to these palettes at your Dollar Tree stores, but I'm thinking that may be a regional thing because I have never seen these particular palettes at my Dollar Trees. Have you?

Also, there's at least one more set of $1 Profusion palettes for Holiday 2014. Keep reading for a reader pic, after the jump...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Spotted: Hard Candy Holiday 2014 Gift Sets

Reader Sasha spotted some Hard Candy Holiday 2014 Gift Sets at her local Walmart yesterday and was nice enough to share some pics with us. Let's take a look!

NOTE: Hard Candy traditionally releases lots and lots of holiday sets at Walmart every year (I've been covering these sets since 2010--remember the Holiday 2010 collection??). So unless things have changed, there should be more on the way than what I'm featuring here today. Keep checking your Walmart stores, both in the beauty section and the seasonal section, for more from Hard Candy.

image credit: Sasha for Nouveau Cheap
Hard Candy Holiday 2014 Gift Sets
(retail: $9.88 each at Walmart stores)

Review: Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Scent of Celebration Hand Creme Set (Now 50% off at Target)

Last week, I mentioned that the Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Brush Set was spotted on clearance at Target. Well did you know that ALL of the 15th Anniversary collection items are now on clearance? Yep! I went to my Target shortly after my original post and although I didn't find the brush set, I couldn't resist picking up the hand creme set. I have been eyeing the Sonia Kashuk bath and body products since they debuted earlier this year, so I finally caved!

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15th Anniversary
Scent of Celebration Hand Creme Set 
(retail: $19.99; now on clearance for $9.99)

I thought you might want a closer look at this set since it's now on clearance for $9.99 (originally $19.99), and I also wanted to share my thoughts as to if it's worth a purchase. I know that I usually give the products I review at LEAST two weeks of testing before I write my reviews, but I've been testing these in warp-speed because I wanted to get this up before these sets are wiped out.

NOTE: If you cannot find this limited edition set at your Target, you can purchase the exact same 2 oz. tubes individually for $6.99 each both in-store and online.

Spotted: L'Oreal Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Sparkling Soirée by Colour Riche Collection

L'Oreal's Holiday 2014 nail color collection has arrived!

Many thanks to longtime reader Kathryn for this sighting. Kathryn spotted this collection at her local Kmart a few days ago and was nice enough to share lots of pics with us. Take a look!

image credit: Kathryn for Nouveau Cheap
L'Oreal Holiday 2014 Limited Edition Sparkling Soirée by Colour Riche Collection

This year's holiday collection is definitely different from last year's Holiday 2013 Gold Dust textured nail polish collection. But since L'Oreal made the Gold Dust polishes permanent, I'm wondering if they'll do the same with these? Hum...I guess only time will tell!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The e.l.f. Holiday 2014 Gift Sets Have Landed at Walgreens ((UPDATED with Additional Photos)


It's officially "Look up!" season at the drugstores! Longtime readers know what that means, but if you're new to the holiday frenzy at the drugstores, allow me to explain.

Beginning now and running through the holidays, retailers run out of room for the flood of beauty-related holiday gift sets. So these gift sets are often NOT located in the usual beauty aisle--you need to wander the store and LOOK UP to the higher shelves, up above the regular products. That's where you'll most likely find the new holiday gift sets, and that's exactly where reader Kelly (@polishednailsandtales on Instagram) spotted the new e.l.f. Holiday 2014 gift sets at her local Walgreens this week.

Kelly was nice enough to share some pics with us (another lovely reader also shared a pic which you'll see shortly). So let's take a look:

image credit: Kelly for Nouveau Cheap
e.l.f. Holiday 2014 Beauty Clutch ($10) and Makeup Journal ($10)

Keep reading for more e.l.f. Holiday 2014 goodies...

DEAL ALERT: theBalm Shady Lady Palettes $9.99 + Free Shipping (and Much, Much More!)

If you're interested in getting some cosmetics from theBALM, Stila, ButterLONDON, Cargo, Pop Beauty and much, much more at deeply discounted prices with FREE shipping, keep reading and all will be revealed...

One-Day-Only Deals from L'Occitane and Bath & Body Works

If you're thinking of picking up some bath and body products for holiday gifts (or for yourself), there are two deals going on TODAY ONLY (10/15) that I wanted to share in case you haven't heard about these yet:

Get up to 50% off select L'Occitane products online only HERE, today only (10/15).


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